About Me

I'm a software developer who's focused on backend programming languages like Python and Java. I'm currently learning Javascript and CSS to become a full-stack developer. I love the creativity and creation of bringing new ideas to life with software development. There's no better feeling than having the freedom to spend a weekend or two to turn an idea I had into a real world software application.












Everest Game Center

A video game center I created with a partner. It is inspired by other game collections like Namcomuseum and Cool Math Games. It contains classic games like Pac-Man, Snake, and Flappy Bird.


A version of the Hometown Pizza app - Slice. It has nearly all of the same features as the online-ordering app. This project was to help me understand java and postgresql.


This is an e-commerce site I created with Django. There are two roles: admins and customers. Admins can moderate all users, items, and orders. Customers can place and keep track of orders.

Mock Pokedex

A recreation of the famous Pokedex from the Pokemon series. Currently contains info from Gen 1 & 2 pokemon. Users can also create their own pokemon.

Ultimum Bellator

This is a character creation and combat simulator program using Python. I created this with a partner to expand our knowledge on working with files. Users can also "save" and "load" past games.

Into The Thick of It

An rpg game I built with a partner using Python. My first unit project at Base Camp. This game contains NPCs, a map, battles, a boss and much more.

Wizarding Duel Simulation

One of the first Python programs I was proud of. I created this simulator in the beginning months of my time at Base Camp.


A static website I created at Base Camp to help understand HTML and CSS.